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Sankhyakarika(Sankhya) derived axiomatically composed by Kapillamuni in Sanskrit, 33000 years ago (proof is in video) should truly intrigue Scientists. Why is Sankhya theory, derived by Maharishi Kapilla given pride of place in chapter 2 of the Bhagavadgita, considered the acme of unified sciences? The prime reason is that only Sankhya theory defines and proves that the substratum of space is in an eternally resonant state. The mathematical ansatz is derived through axioms and defined by the principle of self similarity in an elementary field of components and named here as the Perpetual Harmonic Oscillatory state or PHO.

Hence automatically the proof of unification is provided through axiomatic mathematics, since there is only one PHO state and it forms the source of all forces but occurring at different levels of matter / energy densities.Therefore it provides the fundamental reason for the existence of both detectable and undetectable phenomena, thereby including the domain of spirituality as the submerged energy domain into the logic of holistic science. Further it gives accurate proof for the unproven hypothesis in Physics that the nuclear state never decays. Sankhyan algorithms can derive precise numerical solutions to any and every problem in science.

See the 33000 year old Sankhya Sutra decoded according to the rules in the Pratisakhya. You can read the complete details in the book Secret of Sankhya. See contents of part 2 not on web yet as Content 2. The contents of Secret of Sankhya: Acme of Scientific Unification is in Contents.


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Physicists hold the view that it is impossible to derive a complete and unified theory based only on axioms. Even more extraordinary, Sankhya's profoundness lies in its ability to derive all stable masses, from particles to galaxies, from first principles using the fundamental numerical axiom 1+1 =2 as ratio.

The final confirmation that Sankhya is an axiomatic theory is given by the derivation wherein the entire set of laws of manifestation is completed in the very first interaction between two adjacent components in space . The state that contributes to creating the first perpetual interactive quantum the particulate state PM is derived from first principles and has a mass between the neutron and proton , forming the source of all particulate nuclear state and shown below,

To reiterate every numerical parameter, defining a stable state, like nuclear particle or a galaxy, are derived from fundamentals without any external inputs of any kind. The mass of proton, neutron, electron, neutrino, the quanta and many others have been derived from the first interactive count of 2, using the axiomatic principles of self similarity and scale in-variance. This is impossible in Physics today. See PHO.pdf to understand the details.
Even more extraordinary is the fact Sankhyan algorithms solve the anomalistic puzzles mathematically, both in Physics and Cosmology. Dark matter, energy & para psychological spectrum manifestations are the simultaneous interactive states in space. The time interval between simultaneous interactions has to be zero and hence evades detection by counting but shows up as mass comparatively.

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The Sutras or logical theorems are in Sanskrit summarised and transliterated in Sanskrit Sutras and Sumsutra, The logical derivational process is presented above and these significant theorems highlight the intellectual basis of derivation of principles that has not yet found a place in modern science. The 68 Sanskrit axiomatic theorems or sutras in Sankhya are transliterated, along with its mathematical derivations, for the first time, as all earlier translators could not decipher its scientific content.

The concept of dealing with dynamic phenomenon as a stationery state eliminated the complexity in mathematics. However, it brought in the need to treat it as a simultaneous activity using new principles of self-similarity and scale invariance that was simple yet accurate and axiomatic.

IN OTHER WORDS SANKHYA IS THE ONLY THEORY THAT CAN DERIVE ALL THE STABLE PARAMETERS IN THE UNIVERSE FROM THE AXIOM 1 + 1 = 2 AND AS PROOF, THREE CARDINAL MASS VALUES OF THE NEUTRON, PROTON AND ELECTRON (AMONG OTHERS) HAVE BEEN DERIVED PRECISELY FROM NUMERICAL AXIOMS ONLY. PLEASE SEE PHO.PDF FOR IT IS NOT POSSIBLE IN TODAY’S FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS IN PHYSICS. IT TEARS DOWN COMPLETELY THE INTELLECTUAL CONCEPTS OF LOGIC FOLLOWED IN SCIENCE. see Abstract.pdf as comparison to physics, Read Sankhyaabstract that contains derivation of every particle mass and all stable parameters from basics in Physics. , If you are interested in knowing how this abstract came about please see Sanskrit Sutras created thousands of years back.

If the above statement does not jog the intellectual slumber that scientists are in now nothing else will. For,number values are only ratios of interactive states, as manifestation is a relative process, the theory of relativity at its basic level. The second clue is that such ratios are onlyrelevantat that instant as a simultaneous proportion, for it can change and form a sequence of ratios subsequently. The definition of time in Special and General relativity, the Standard model and Quantum Mechanics is totally out of consonance with Universal phenomena that has led to a series of gross anomalies which has left Science in the current impasse. General Relativity failed because the concept of a rigid body should have been defined as components in space acting together simultaneously, creating density / mass characteristics

As axioms cannot be disproved, it makes it invincible. Moreover axiomatic logic is governed by the principles of self-similarity and scale in-variance that remains eternally valid , which factor endows it with the mantle of divinity, thus unifying science and religion as the two sides of an axiomatic coin that emulates the human concept of GOD. Objectivity and intellectual clarity demands that axiomatically only one reality can exist which can be identified with any and all notions of human interpretations to aid understanding. The numerical content in Sankhya is in power index to base 10 that forms the axiomatic cycle of interactions logically but translators were never aware of it and misinterpreted an excellent derivation in Sanskrit.

The Prakriti mass or PM derived in terms of our present scale of measurement is a perpetual harmonic oscillator where the first 3 bracket contains the coherent Thama state , the 2 bracket the resonant Raja state and the single bracket the harmonic Satwa state and the golden mean ratio x=0.618034.
The PM state is not detectable as it is an oscillatory state which CERN is experimentally attempting to do. Any collision of two PM states as Proton or Neutron will result in the release of the quantum of 2^7 times or 128 times the PM mass. See Self Similarity PDF to understand the mathematical base of the axiomatic theory of Sankhya, It cannot be changed for the axiomatic logic is rigorous and perfect. Axiomatically any manifestation of phenomena on an existing substratum must be of a holographic nature. Holograms can be sustained only in a dynamic state that is resonant and harmonic. Science based on numerical axioms makes it perfect & predestined.


For the same reason and logic, gravity is the strongest potential force , as it acts interactively but simultaneously at the very source, which state cannot be detected, as a photon can be. The proof of these statements has been verified practically in a gravity energy converter presently working at the highest efficiency, shown in experiments section below.

"There is no philosophy in the world that is not indebted to Kapila. Pythagoras came to India and studied this philosophy, and that was the beginning of the philosophy of the Greeks. Later, it formed the Alexandrian school, and still later, the Gnostic. It became divided into two one part went to Europe and Alexandria, and the other remained in India and out of this, the system of Vyasa was developed. The Sankhya philosophy of Kapila was the first rational system that the world ever saw. Every metaphysician in the world must pay homage to him. I want to impress on your mind that we are bound to listen to him as the great father of philosophy. This wonderful man, the most ancient of philosophers, is mentioned even in the Shruti: “O Lord, Thou who produced the sage Kapila in the Beginning.” How wonderful his perceptions were, and if there is ant proof required of the extraordinary power of the perception of Yogis, such men are the proof. They had no microscopes or telescopes. Yet how fine their perception was, how perfect and wonderful their analysis of things!"
This website, open to visitors for more than 15 years, contains scientific information never ever published before, on an Axiomatic theory that is correct and complete. Being based on axioms, it cannot be disproved nor can it be changed as its proof is derived from within the theory itself. This is the greatest intellectual challenge to scientific deductive procedures, for the masses of all stable states, from particles to galaxies, are derived from basics, which is impossible with present mathematical techniques.
We sincerely invite all the scientists, philosophers and intellectuals to set aside even momentarily, the consequential cynicism and take part in understanding & creating the momentous paradigm shift in scientific logic enabling total unification of the entire Universal manifestation spectrum. It is a compulsory responsibility on all of us to move towards a scientific regime of certainty, so that all of humanity can understand, use and benefit by its precise predictions to create a harmonious world or Vedic goal of Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam in Sanskrit.

The present caveat in physics lies in its logic of derivation. An axiomatic process would establish that an elemental dimension of 1 linear unit with a symmetric volume of 1 cubic unit can only increase to 2 linear units thereby increasing the symmetric volume by 7 as 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 cubic units.There is no way to create 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 volumes as it needs fractional linear units which cannot be used without violating the concept of elemental dimensions. The axiomatic logic confirms that this disproportionate increase is only due the elemental state. Hence the cardinal principle evolves that scaling up has to be similar. In other words that the hidden seven volumes must be included in every larger derivation. This foregoing factor has never been explicitly recognised in theoretical or experimental Physics. The clue to it has been staring at researchers with the fact that there are a spectrum of 7 colours, sounds, etc. This axiomatic fact is established in the Hydrogen to Helium spectrum and the details are in the book.

The component forming space is defined dimensionally. Each individual point form is called the Moolaprakriti or ‘root activity’ in Sanskrit. It can be visualised as the red cubic point between the eight larger blue cubes shown in the adjacent diagram. The blue cubes are only the agglomerate form of a large number of Moolaprakriti points in an interactive state and is called the Purusha state in Sanskrit. There are no equivalents to both states in Physics.
These components form the dynamic ocean we call space that provides the real foundation for the entire process of manifestation. The magic glue that binds all these extraordinary forms are the three phases of cyclic time that sustains the interactive state. The mathematical secret that unifies Moolaprakritis to form the larger blue cube as the dynamic Purusha hologram, is derived uniquely in Sankhya. See the holographic aura page to understand the dynamic nature of manifestation.
See Sankhya slide.It is a PPT Graphical display and is an overview of Sankhyan Excellence.

The miracle of a perpetually dynamic Universe is enabled when two opposing factors in an interactive state occur simultaneously. Compression and expansion are two opposing activities but when it takes place simultaneously, activity time is conserved and the dynamic state continues. The theoretical clue, lacking in Physics and Cosmology is the numerical algorithm that defines the threshold of simultaneously interactive states, which is also the key to gravitation phenomena. Newtons gravity constant and the fine structure constant are an approximation of precise axiomatic ratios that governs all phenomena in the Universe. Such an interactive activity among the sea of components in space is called a Vriti or vortex in Sanskrit and can be visualised as shown in the adjacent diagram. It is the most exotic process of interaction where dynamic space and cyclic time parameters are conserved totally at every instant. Therefore the dynamic aspect in space is sustained perpetually

Detection is a relative process and hence elemental states can never be confirmed by measurement but only by axiomatic algorithms. Interactive harmonic states, that maintains the spectrum of particles, cannot exist unless the fundamental substratum comprises real components, in a dynamic state. Most important factor is that if objective logic is important then Physicists must undertake a paradigm shift to identify theoretically that reality that forms space substitute the inane models it has created under many names. Another proof is there in the The PHO file gives the reason for Neutrinos faster than light aspect.

Holographic phenomenon is dynamic and oscillatory states measured by cyclic time periods which then limits the process of measurement to detecting the change in the cyclic time interval. The credibility of a logical derivation is enhanced if arbitrary definitions of dimensions and postulates are avoided. Since the observer can detect or measure only a change then logically, the incremental unit of measurement itself should form the basis to derive the whole. Such a concept becomes an axiom because the observer can only detect a change and therefore has no option but to use only the observable as a yardstick. This concept pervades all of Vedic science and is apparently absent in existing sciences. Such a characteristic is defined as Swabhava in Sanskrit or the trait of self-similarity.

Essential human activities sustains the living processes. The general impression is that spiritual processes are an aid to religious worship. On the contrary, it leads to releasing the abundant energy hidden in space as the para-psychological spectrum in the simultaneous interactive states, which raises the efficiency of living processes and is confirmed by mathematical analysis. Consciousness is the resonant response of genetic cells to the perpetual interactions in space. Finally, it is a theory that completely removes the concept of anthropomorphic dependence to explain the existence of any Universe. Sankhyan algorithms confirm with proof that any sea of elemental components will self organize through axiomatic processes to create the phenomena of manifestation always as a holographic process and it cannot be stopped.It is through an interactive elemental process of stress transfer that is defined as gravitation in Physics at the fundamental level.

Axiom based mathematics can provide a solution to any and all problems in science See Axiomatic Solution as it follows a process of self similar and scale in-variant logic that is applicable only to a three dimensional or volumetric space. The second part of the book , not yet published, has the exotic mathematical proof , as an integrated flow of numerical solutions, arising from a single algorithm based on axioms. The contents link in blue at the end of this page will give an overview of how it is structured.

The Standard Model of particle physics is a theory of three of the four known fundamental interactions and the elementary particles that take part in these interactions. These particles make up all visible matter in the universe. The standard model is a gauge theory of the electroweak and strong interactions with the gauge group SU(3)x SU(2)x U(1). To date, all experimental tests of the three forces described by the Standard Model have agreed with its predictions. The Standard Model falls short of being a complete theory of fundamental interactions because it does not include gravity and because it is incompatible with the recent observation of neutrino oscillations. In order to introduce neutrino masses, the standard model can be modified by adding a non-renormalizable interaction of lepton fields with the square of the Higgs field. This is natural in certain grand unified theories, and if new physics appears at about 1016 GeV, the neutrino masses are of the right order of magnitude.
The coherent Purusha state or blackhole of maximum mass or inertia or delay or "static" state per cycle is Kx = My ( L6 ) . The next state of increase in activity equals the Planck Mass equivalent of Mahad Prakriti state of Mps = My ( L5 )/(7+1/7). Thirdly, the state of increase in activity equals the transition activity or the Stress transmigration ratio of 7 states St = My ( L4 ). Fourthly, the stable, neutral and fundamental nuclear state of Prakrithi or the Neutron as PM = My (L3)/Px. Here the interlocked Mahad Vikrithi or acclerative state of the Electron as Me also equals the same My (L3)/Px. Fifthly the fundamental particulate state of the Vikrithi or Neutrino as Ne = My (L2) (2 pi/7)2. Sixthly, the fundamental fraction of a time-cycle of simultaneity when the difference between the static and dynamic state is nil as Tcy = My (L)/7 and equals the Planck time in quantum theory.

Magneto-Gravitic perpetual oscillatory motor

NdFeb magnets plus coils around cores form 20 sets (only 4 shown). Five sets of 12 volt battery is charged as load. One 12 volt battery charged only by inductive kickback pulse, drives an inverter at 230 VAC & a small rotary transformer sets voltage at 60 to provide 12 volts for optic trigger plus 48 volts to charging bank. An IGBT triggers coils for one nano second to reverse coil magnetic polarity. Slotted disc triggers optic switch to drive IGBT. Rotor axle pulley drives external alternator/generator to drive external loads at designed RPM. It runs on PHO principle, perpetually by its self generated potential. It exchanges simultaneous potential with sequential harmonics in each cycle.

Generic Circuit Diagram Below


Latest Test Run of the Gravity Convertor based on Sankya's PHO Principle

Magneto-Gravitic perpetual oscillatory motor

The gravity convertor acts as a motor cum generator in a closed self sustaining loop and has been on continuous test. The inward going current remains at 0.75 amps with 84 Volts DC operating at about 500 RPM while the outgoing inductive reaction current raises to 1.8 amps at about 17 volts and it charges up a battery system to act as a looped input to keep the motor on a self sustaining mode. The output of this battery is inverted to AC to deliver 84 volts through a rotary transformer to sustain the loop and at the same time it also charges a set of seven 12 volts batteries in series,to act as surplus potential that can be used to drive extra loads.
So far looping back output to drive the input has never been carried out by any existing scientific principle but Sankhya's axiomatic PHO PRINCIPLE allow this innovative technology where only the magnets provide the potential to drive or act as a fuel less engine.

Bow shaft experiment registering perpetual resonance

The famous bow is a model of a perpetual harmonic oscillator that empowers the Pho state in the universe. The shaft of the bow represents a section of space in its balanced state. When that shaft is bent two stresses are created simultaneously. The outer surface of the shaft expands while at the same moment the inner surface contracts, thereby creating a stressed state. The stress caused by expansion represents the force of Satva Guna, while the compressive stress equals the Tama Guna. If the force causing the bow shaft is removed the bow shaft will return immediately to its original state of balance where the both the Satva and Tama Gunas have the same or equal value of stress. If after bending the bow shaft a bowstring (Guna in Sanskrit) is attached the bow shaft will be kept in a stressed state by the bow string. While the strung bow remains in a stable configuration, the outer and inner surfaces retain the Satva Guna and Tama Guna stresses respectively but the bow string attains a vibratory or oscillatory state of stress as Raja Guna. The vibratory or stress reversal state is created by the process of balance needed to equalise the compressive Tama Guna with the expansive Satva Guna such that the bow string remains in the most stable and least active state as Raja Guna. Therefore there is an eternal vibratory or oscillatory stress in the bowstring because both the compressive Tama Guna and the expansive Satva Guna are constantly trying to get back to the original state of zero difference in stress between the inner and outer surface of the bow shaft. Therefore the string can reach the most stable state only at a vibratory rate of two oscillations per cycle because the differential forces caused by both the Tama and Satva Guna can equalise in time only at the middle of the bow string. It is an axiomatic state of resonance and is forms the cornerstone of all oscillatory phenomena in present day Physics.

Eternal vibratory or oscillatory stress in the bowstring

Sankya's PHO Principle in an archer's bow

Total Eclipse Experiment 15-January-2010

See the Eclipse Proof for the Eclipse diagram as proof of Sankhya Theory obtained from the experiment on 15/1/10 during the total eclipse.

Self charging battery

A device representing the pulse transformer and the rotary high amperage sharp cut off switch operating at 536 cps. The 4 numbers 12 volt batteries are cyclically switched into a series connection of 24 volts while the remaining two remain in parallel to maintain 12 volts. In the next cycle the series parallel state is changed over . In effect the series 24 volt charges the 12 volt parallel units within 1/536 of a cycle and immediately change over to discharge across the other configuration. At resonance the batteries act as mere capacitors while the space field around the counductors act is inductive devices to provide the pulsing current. The transforming ratio of the secondary can be designed to match the load plus losses of the circuit thus imposing no power-load on the batteries. Experimental models have been test run successfully. The C3 G parameter is the maximum stress per cycle in space and as shown earlier it is resident in the Purusha state as a coherent ensemble of vibratory stress not in motion. Mps the equivalent Planckmass pulsed in plancktime tp produces the large stress value of ST. The formulation Mps/tp can be seen as the result of applying the impulse momentum theorem in Physics. The confirmation is shown as ec the value of charge of one electron volt per second. The energy value of C5 G represents the maximum rate of radiation of energy per second.

charge impulse motor


What would humanity gain by an axiomatic theory? Rapid progress in all areas of human activity as there would be no violation of natures law or the current slogan of the “Green Environment. See Sankhya Note for a brief listing while the details are in the second part of the book yet to be published.

The axiomatic derivation of Sankhya gives us the freedom to verify our own thoughts as being in consonance with natures laws and therefore we ourselves can have the courage & freedom to express ourselves in the way we should without the fear of being judged by our peers.

Its esoteric mathematical formulation called the Perpetual Harmonic Oscillatory state (PHO) is again unique to Sankhya for it can be derived only through axioms. In Sanskrit it is defined as Aikantha, Athyantha, Atho, Abhavath state and collectively called the Tri-Guna interactive state or PHO.It comprises the three cyclic activity states as Tama, Raja and Satwa corresponding to compressive collision, rebounding reversal and expansive separation leading to radiation. The foregoing activity occurs in three phases of simultaneous, resonant and sequential intervals of cyclic time, respectively. Maintaining the balance between the three modes of cyclic time is the key to eternal dynamism. Yoga is this state of balance where the PHO cyclic state is maintained in resonance and that state is Siddhi. PHO state in space pervades everything including our cerebral system which we term as consciousness. By relaxing and synchronizing with this field around us, our genetic cells get replenished to full potential in the Siddhi state.


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The consequence of eternal dynamism in space is the ability to extract abundant, clean and perpetual energy at the highest efficiency with minimum effort; all of which forms the greatest gift to humanity.

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