Comparison pdf  details out the sequence of events that earlier translators were unaware of and led to ignoring Sankhyakarika's true meaning.

​The axiomatic solution
to deriving the ultimate power in the Universe.

The comparison of the present Sankhya translation with other eminent authors to show the reason why the mathematics  coded in it was never exposed and an extraordinary theory lay dormant for centuries.

Sankhya and Einstein : The comparison of Sankhya with the Theory of Relativity shows that its concepts are superfluous in substantial space. 

Age of the Vedas  shows the derivation of the time span of over 30000 yrs when Sankhyakarika was created.

Rig Veda gives a english translation of ancient Sanskrit where the first verse shows the process of extracting energy from space.

Atharva Veda first verse derives the quantisation of interactive phenomena.

Occult chemistry researched and published by Annie Besant, Leadbeater and Jinnarajadasa is a confirmation of Sankhya logic of manifestation 

Sanskrit is a language created from coding a monotonous oscillatory tone into an expressive alphabetical and numerical code thereby creating a vocalised language.

Tamil is a Sanskrit derivative

Siddhi the simplest process of attaining the maximum effectiveness in life processes using the fundamental PHO state to replenish your life energy without any constraints.

Word Affairs article as an overview of Sankhyan history

Impeccability in life.​​

Mathematics in the Vedas​​